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Monday, April 27, 2009

Did We Skip Spring Edition

Outside my window...sunny and bright. It was hot this weekend. I hope this does not mean spring is done and we're jumping right into the Washington swamp summer.

I am hearing...little kids playing in the basement, no teens awake yet.

I am thinking...the kitchen needs to be cleaned up and 3 loads of laundry to be folded.

From the school room...some real solid schooling this week. Have I mentioned I still need to finish sprucing up in there? I'm working on some plans for next year too. Maddy and I are actually having fun looking ahead to high school.

Living the Liturgy...Catherine of Siena on the 29th, one of my favorites. My dear Peruvian saint, St. Rose of Lima was quite devoted to her. I will always treasure getting to see her little cell in the house where she lived in Siena. Another St. Joseph feast. Perhaps this time I will make real cream puffs.

Around the house...Seriously considering moving some bookscases around to make things flow better for me in the schoolroom. Alternately terrified on about taking on such a big undertaking while trying to keep track of an infant and mischievous two year old.

From the kitchen
...I have lots of ingredients, just need to make the plan for the week.

I am hoping...for some answered prayers.

I am thankful...for nine and half pounds. That's how much John weighed on Friday. His biggest weight gain in a month ever. Granted that "ever" outside the womb is only 4 months.

I am reading... Tears of God. I'll be reviewing it as soon as I'm done.

One of my favorite things...being in the woods with the kids. For some reason, perhaps the setting, I don't like to take any junk food with us so we eat healthier. The fresh air is delicious. No one gets bored. There are no fights. I don't even mind the mud.

A few plans for the rest of the week...good schooling, getting the laundry caught up (we're close!), a day in the woods, co-op and hopefully meeting my new nephew.

A picture thought I'm sharing...

Maddy took this one too. Soon I will post some exciting things about my dear girl and her passion for photography.

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Martha (FL) said...

The photo is awesome. I am encouraging my daughters love of photography as well!

AllyJo said...

I too think that picture is awesome. I love walking in the woods with my kids. We don't do it often enough any more. :(

quilt'n mama said...

Great ladybug picture your girl took! Wow!
I enjoyed stopping by today (my first time:)

Katherine said...

She really is a good photographer. The photo is precious.