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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bluebell Week Edition

Outside my window...raining just a little bit. Hoping this will be the worst of it, we want to spend more time with the bluebells.

I am hearing...a big brother chatting with his baby brother, a teen encouraging a toddler to sing, the canary adding his 2 cents.

I am thinking...about my aching muscles. I am not accustomed to hiking in the woods, but I'm happy I did. Lord knows, I need to exercise.

From the school room...light schooling when it rains, otherwise we'll be outside.

Living the Liturgy...I love the Easter season. And this week I am loving following Katherine's Orthodox Holy Week. Go have a look and be blessed by what she shares. And this Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday, one of my favorite devotions.

Around the house...just trying to maintain general order and as always, laundry. (Same as last week, I know, but that's life in a large family. And I am embarrassed to admit that I had to buy socks for my little girls yesterday morning before heading to the bluebells. Their drawers are full of clean clothes, really. But all their socks? Vanished. How can I be doing all this laundry and no clean socks? Where are they?!)

From the kitchen...chili for dinner, maybe brownies for dessert.

I am hoping...for lots of sunshine this week. We plan on being in the woods.

I am thankful...for bluebells and dear friends.

I am reading... Tears of God. I'll be reviewing it as soon as I'm done.

One of my favorite things...Bluebell week. And this morning, my little baby snuggled up next to me, soundly asleep.

A few plans for the rest of the week...bluebells and friends. Co-op on Friday (after which we'll likely go back to the woods).

A picture thought I'm sharing...

Here is a preview. Maddy took 253 pictures yesterday and plans on filling the memory card every day. Fine with me.

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