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Monday, March 30, 2009

Outside my window
...sunny and bright.

I am hearing...Lilly making fun of the Birthday Theme Parties Catalog.

I am thinking...I need to plan the meals and shopping list for this week. I need to tweak because soccer has started and this changes our routine a great deal.

From the school room...Last week's in-between is now this week's because we were just too sick for much schooling last week. I am still waiting for all my books and materials to arrive.

Living the Liturgy...My sister will be home this week to baptize her baby girl on Sunday. We are very excited. (Maybe we'll do a CGS lesson, I so love all the Baptism materials.) We miss them so much. We also need a plan and materials for Holy Week.

Around the house...Things are not as bad as they could be considering how out of every routine I was last week. We will keep purging and focus on getting seasonal clothes switched out of dressers.

From the kitchen...I think I want to do a version of chicken Parmesan tonight.

I am hoping...we are all done with being sick. All done.

I am thankful...I do not have a fever.

I am reading... Spiritual Childhood.

One of my favorite things...my two year old's amazing energy. Even sick last week, she managed to wreck havoc (in a good way).

A few plans for the rest of the week...soccer practice begins this week. Yes, a whole new world of adjustments as I figure out how to juggle practice four nights a week, meals and a baby. Lots of patience and prayer are called for.

A picture thought I'm sharing...

I can hardly believe this is Aggie two years ago. This year I get to share this beauty with my baby boy. I can hardly wait.

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Anonymous said...

Prayers for returning health.

In Christ,
katherine from evlogia