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Friday, February 06, 2009

The Scene in My Kitchen

One mother quickly (um, at least trying) pulling together the Black Bean Chilaquile for dinner so it's ready when the rest are home from basketball.

The two year old sitting on a folding stool carefully wetting down her hair with a glass of water. Of course moments before she was attempting to eat raw onion, "stir" the spinach and get the glass of water "by herself".

The five year old crying because the two year old is also throwing water on her.

The seven year old playing a game at the computer, completely oblivious to the scene around her.

The six week old not.happy.at.all!

One very patient and loving fourteen year old valiantly trying to hold and comfort a very upset six week old baby.

One mother and fourteen year old really wishing the ten year old brother had stayed home too.

Have I mentioned how much I love that fourteen year old?


Banana said...

What a beautiful scene. It reminds me of growing up; I was third child of eight. I look forward to having an older helper!

Andres & Julia Stell said...

hehe...substitute a couple dogs for a couple kids and substitute dog water for a normal glass of water and that was us tonight...antonio bathing himself in the dog water with the dogs running around and peeing on the floor, and julia belén screaming.