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Monday, February 02, 2009

Due Date

If you've noticed, I had kept my little pregnancy tracker up even though John was born in December. I have been fascinated with all the bits of development my little boy had left to do inside the womb and amazed at his resiliency to be able to do them outside the womb. And all the while, very conscious of the the fact that now that his due date is here, he will play catch-up for a little while as we track his development with his adjusted age. The word of the day is patience.

I will still treasure this Feast of the Presentation as a special day for John. Back in December before he was born, knowing this was his due date was a bright moment to look toward through the difficulties of my pregnancy. I already loved the feast. Two years ago I even had a whole bunch of candles blessed. I still have plenty in that bunch. I think we will spend the afternoon celebrating this feast that hints at the mystery of Christ's suffering and Resurrection, this feast that has always reminded me how Our Lady's heart suffered the deepest pains of motherhood. I remember on this feast that I can run to her with the triumphs and failures of my own mothering and she will rejoice with me and teach me with grace and wisdom.

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Andres & Julia Stell said...

hooray for john being 0 (adjusted age)! :)
catholiccuisine.blogspot.com has some really cool candlemas recipe ideas. wish i had planned ahead a bit more.