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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Dilemna

I knew this would be a problem when I named my blog when Agnes was born.

Because of course, now there are eight children. So I added the little "And John makes eight" in my header.

Still not acceptable, according to Lilly, who feels strongly that I am dissing her baby brother.

So what to do? Rename the whole thing?


Elizabeth Foss said...

Yep. Rename the whole thing:-)

Erin said...


I have the same situation. I love Seven Little Australians for the literary title, I have re-named it Seven Little Australians Plus One but am not as happy.
Anglea at Three Plus Two has a sub-heading for her little one also.

The thing is people 'know' us as this. Then again Elizabeth re-named her blog keeping the same url.

Maryan said...

I'll still read you - no matter what you do or do not do to your title. ;)