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Friday, February 27, 2009

Basketball Diary: The One and Only 2009 Edition

I realized last night that we have one more week in our basketball season and I haven't even posted about it. Part of the reason is that preemie quarantine kept me from going to most of the games. That was hard as I realized I have pretty much been able to go to every game of every sport my kids participate in. I'm also realizing as they get older and busier I won't quite be able to do that so easily. I'm already trembling at the thought of three girsl playing soccer next fall. And Lilly possibly on a travel basketball team. Yikes.

Which got me thinking about Lilly and basketball. She LOVES to play. I mean really loves it. I love watching her. She gets on that court and her face is stern with concentration and quick to smile at a well executed play. She wants to be the best out there, all the time. Ad she's good. She dreams of playing at a top-rated university. This is starting to scare me. I said to Dave just last night that we have a great opportunity to nuture a real gift if she continues to play well and gets even better. It will no longer be the fun activity to break up the weariness of winter. It will become a much deeper part of our family culture and all of us will have to sacrifice in some small way. Lots to think about. And pray on. In the end, by keep God at the center of it all, I know we will find both balance and strength to help her cultivate this talent He has blessed her with.

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