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Friday, August 01, 2008

Simple Pleasures

Yesterday was one of those days that reminds me how sweet life can be. (Though it would upset Lilly if I didn't mention that we missed her being with us through most of it.)

It started with a visit to the farmer's market where we met up with grandparents and cousins. Lots of little ones, zipping around the stands. One waving light saber to take and keep in the stroller to ensure our young jedi didn't take an eye out. One train caboose to explore and climb.

Lunch at a favorite pizza shop for some of the best New York style pizza in the area, watching in awe as my little girls devour one huge slice after another. One question, "Are they all brothers and sisters?" Sadly, I must admit my dear niece and nephew are not mine. Which gets me thinking about how soon I will be able to say that all eight children are mine.

Then keeping up with children playing at a playground, little ones to push in the swing, helping Aggie go down the slide, thankful for an overcast day, a slight breeze, and the occasional raindrop to cool us all down.

Slurpees to quench thirsty little bodies (and big bodies, mmmm, pina colada) and goodbyes to grandparents and cousins.

A simple dinner at home of leftovers, fresh bread from the farmer's market and an incredibly simple and delicious cucumber and heirloom tomato salad (thank you again to the farmer's market). The only thing missing was Dave, poor man, working very late, but reminding me just the same of how much he loves us all.


juli said...

what about us? :(

cyj said...

Amen! It was a beautiful day.