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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Domestic Bliss

or How to Love Your Husband in the Little Things.

We had some friends visit from out of town. Dave works long hours and this week was no exception (I would say even busier than usual.). The details of preparing the house were up to me and I knew that I would be responsible for providing a delicious dinner and being a gracious hostess. So I threw myself into it, with my heart turned to my dear husband and how hard he works to provide for us. I thought of my parent's home and how warm and inviting it is to all guests. I though of my sisters who always love to plan a party and always plan very good ones. I though of our friend, and how generous he has always been with our family. I though of my home, that I truly do love. I thought of dear friends for whom I could offer up the moments of drudgery and tedious work.

It was a wonderful evening. Dinner really was delicious and enjoyed by all. I made my first bread pudding ever (with peaches picked by the kids earlier in the week). It is not a favorite of mine to eat, but I know Dave just loves it. It was very good (and yummy this morning for breakfast, cold). Then a rousing and hysterical game of Apples to Apples (thanks Claudia! and I will post about this great family game later) and conversation.

Yes, I was tired. Yes, it was work. But oh can I tell you how it warmed my heart to look at my dear husband and see the appreciation and love in his face. To know that he knew and felt how much I love him. To see my hard working man peaceful and content, happy in his home. The physical work was but a passing moment. We are truly busy creating a marriage, a shared life of family and friendship and the love of our children. The real work will, with God's grace, take us into eternity with our Father in Heaven.

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Maria said...

I love this! I had a similar experience this past week where I really did not want to do something that my spouse was asking me to do. I knew though that it meant a lot to him. Long story short, I accompanied him to this event. The event was not very enjoyable for me, but the joy my husband displayed in having me with him was worth every bit of inconvenience for me. Thanks for sharing!