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Thursday, February 14, 2008


Yes, finally, my Agnes is walking. Most of my kids have been late walkers, so I wasn't worried as we approached 16 months and she was just beginning to try. Of course, once she gained confidence with her first cautious toddles, it was a mere week for the transformation to be complete.

The thing about toddlers is, well, they love to toddle. It always catches me off guard, this sudden burst of independence and longing to learn what the world has to offer when you're not laying on your stomach all the time. Anything she can reach is fair game.

It seems along with walking, a whole new world of language has opened up before her. Every single day I clearly hear that little voice express itself in some new way. This morning I'm quite sure that she told (um, yelled) me that Cheerios are yucky as she threw a fistful off her tray. Of course she has also figured out that cookie is a very good word to know. What amazes me most are all those words I have not taught her, that suddenly come out as she "chats" with me. I love how she already understands that we speak in sentences. She lets out a string of "words", pauses and then looks at me intently, waiting for the answer. Even after six other children, God awes me again with the wonder, beauty and creativity with which He creates every human person. I find myself thanking Him often and praying once again for the grace to teach my little "sponges" gently and lovingly. Especially the lessons that will one day have them enjoying Eternity.

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