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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


We are sick. I had hoped we could get through winter unscathed, or at least wait until after Christmas. It is mild, some head colds, runny noses and aches. Agnes, too small to remember the one other time she has been sick, looks perplexed trying to figure out why her body doesn't seem quite right. She loves wiping her own nose. Thank goodness the plan today is reading, crafting and baking. Maybe we'll make some candy too. Though I am not even half as adventurous as Elizabeth. We'll stick to candy melts and Christmas tree molds. But those peppermint marshmallows look soooo yummy. How do I convince my clean freak husband that it would be a good idea to make something that resembles the texture of glue? In our kitchen? Maybe not.

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Elizabeth Foss said...

It's really, really, really sticky but even a ten-year-old can clean it all up easily with very hot water. Trust me. I just did it. But my five-year-old bowl licker definitely needs a bath.