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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cookie Frenzy

In a flurry of activity this afternoon we completed two and half kinds of cookies. The dough for sugar cookies and chocolate peppermint pinwheels is wrapped and chilling, ready to be rolled and cut tomorrow. Tomorrow of course will be the icing frenzy. Papa will be working late, ensuring plenty of time to wipe all evidence so he can pretend that little children were not let loose with little butter knives of colorful icing or that there were sprinkles and sugar flying through the air. Baked and ready to be dunked into hot chocolate or coffee (or even a sweet wine) are hazelnut almond biscotti and anise biscotti (also flavored with orange and lemon zest...lets just say my house smells glorious right now).

Maddy completed another flower fairy ornament for a friend. These are so beautiful and special, I almost hate that they are leaving our home. Carmen is working away on felt ornaments for her friends. These are simply wool felt cut out in Christmas shapes that she is embellishing with bits of felt, beads, buttons and sequins. Also almost too cute to want to part with. Lilly has already made her chocolate treats for her friends. Sam completed drum ornaments like these.

Tomorrow I have gifts to make for friends. Lilly wants to stitch up little felt bags for her treats. Maddy has one more fairy to complete. Anna and Kay will make a little something for friends. And there is more baking and cleaning. Now it feels like the days are slipping away!

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