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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I wanted to point out a couple of things.

Over at my learning notes, I am beginning to post some of the kids work on our Alphabet Adventure. It is the flickr widget on the right. I'm not quite satisfied with how this looks, so it may change slightly in appearance and operation. In any case, that is the place to look. I thought the children would be very shy about sharing their work. I was wrong. "Scan mine! scan mine!" was the cry in our house this morning. I hope to add some pictures too. And I will try to get up and running with posting what we're doing. Its been a busy couple of weeks.

Also, coming soon (I hope) will be the unit and resources I'm using for Archimedes and the Door of Science. Again, it will be in the sidebar, probably a box.net widget.

Have I mentioned how much I love widgets?

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Katherine in TX said...

That's great. It almost made me cry to see evidence of another little hand drawing Mrs. Applebee. I'm so glad you posted pictures. :)