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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

When you're 3 going on 13

Kay is child number six in our family. She is quite a character. I don't know if this just how she comes, or partly because of her birth order. She adores her oldest sister. She loves playing with her brother. She is very observant. This particular trait of hers has given our household some of the wittiest and funniest quips we've heard in a long time. She loves being in the thick of it with the big kids and I am amazed at how well she can hold her own.

She came to Jamestown yesterday. My preference was to leave her, but with grandparents still in Europe, I was going to have to rely on friends to watch her...ALL DAY. Please understand, I love and trust my friends, but for some reason, the thought of leaving her for so long with someone other than family for 12 hours filled me with panic. What if she lost it and just needed me? And I was so far away? I just couldn't do it. So she came to Jamestown. And I am once again amazed and delighted with my little girl. She sat in on the K-3 class. She sat and listened and participated. Her answer to where did the Powhatan Indians get their bread, "They got it at the store."She walked along with us through the guided tour. She listened so well during the class, that she recognized the deer leg hanging from the tree branch on the tour and was able to tell our guide what it was. She barely complained and smiled through all the long, hot day.

And my Anna is pretty amazing too. I managed to stay my panic enough to leave her with a friend. And she had a wonderful day. Really, Tina, if you read this, she has just gushed and gushed with the fun of it all. And if Anna's telling the truth, she was a very good girl all day too.

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Tina said...

We are glad Anna had so much fun with us, because we really enjoyed having her. She was so pleasant and easygoing all day! And she is telling the truth, she was a very good girl!