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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Pond

We just got home from a quick walk down at the pond.

Just as we arrived, a magnificent blue heron took flight. We probably startled it. But the kids were happy with the quick look anyway.

I gathered up some little wildflowers. The little girls found acorns. Lilly pouted because I didn't let her bring bread to feed the resident duck, "Caesar".

We passed by a dead Monarch butterfly, still lovely in its death. We poked at what seemed to be the remains of a turtle shell. Kay was grossed out because the turtle didn't have head.

Maddy and I lamented not bringing her camera as there were some beautiful plants to photograph. We made note of where they were and she will return for me tomorrow with a fully charged camera.

The sound of the bugs singing in the woods was so peaceful. It was interesting to see how the drought has affected our little pond. Still, I was surprised by how many plants seemed to be thriving despite the dryness, that there were indeed little flowers to be picked and admired. It struck me how we often complain when we have moments of spiritual dryness. Perhaps Our Lord knows this is how we grow stronger, when we are able to thrive, and yes, even bloom in some small way...even in the dryness.

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