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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Why We Homeschool

This Saturday was the Real Learning Conference. To say it was a blessing to attend is a profound understatement. It was amazing...more like a retreat. Many things spoke so deeply to my heart and reminded me what its all about.

One thing I'll ponder for a long time is Elizabeth's final talk. Do you know the feeling of meeting someone and hearing their thoughts and thinking you've "known" their soul for a long time? So much of what she shared hit me on this level. Her oldest son is leaving for college today. When Elizabeth says "it's all about relationships", I can think of no better testament to that than what Michael's brother did for him and his mother today.

Many prayers for all the Foss' this day.

And while your around, please check out Michael's blog. It is awesome.

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Elizabeth said...

Dear Marisa,
Thanks so much for your kind words and especially for your prayers.It was wonderful to see you and Agnes
much love,