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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What's Happening...

is that I am getting ready to officially start "school". Busy planning, purchasing (yikes!) and planning again. This year I have completely change the focus and rhythm of our learning. This year Anna's (5 years old, officially kindergarten) plans will be at the center of my planning. The short, literature filled, art-inspired learning I have in mind for her will be the root for all of us to grow from.

This means that this year, more than ever living books will fill the well we draw our lessons from. I have chosen a rich variety of fiction, historical fiction, science and even math books to choose from. It makes me so happy to see my book baskets filling up with these treasures (and more on the way!).

"Real" art (as the kids call it) will be as important to our days as math. We will paint with "real" watercolors and use the psalms to inspire us. Thanks to Katherine for the inspiration. Handcrafts special enough for gift giving come Christmas will be a part of our week.

I will try to put up an outline of our plans at the other blog, but don't know how soon that will actually happen. We have some fun end of summer parties coming up and I have to finish the plans. But I will try, partly because I need the accountability and to see the "finished" product.

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