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Friday, August 31, 2007

End of Summer

It seems like just yesterday we were the first ones waiting outside the pool doors, excited to be the first one there on opening day.

What a summer we've had!

Babies, sacraments, fires, travel, new pets...I need a vacation!

This week has been marked by celebrations. A trip to Atlanta for my nephew's baptism, a big picnic at the pool with the home school group on Wednesday, a last fling at the local water park for my big girls last night, a water party with Co-op today and, because I was feeling generous, a Labor Day picnic at a local parish with their grandparents on Monday.

I must admit, it has been fun to celebrate. I know I can get very absorbed in the planning and lose sight of the children I'm planning for. All these occasions to play have reminded me that I want this year to be full of joy. I can see we've shared in the joy of the Church and the liturgy, the joy of family and the joy of friendship. We've felt the joy of playing in wide open spaces, surrounded by God's creation.

Dear Mother, please lead us to Your Son so we may one day know the eternal joy of Heaven. May all we learn this year lead us to the Divine Truth and Perfect Love of Our Father in heaven.

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