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Monday, July 09, 2007

Sweltering Summer Days

It is hot. Very.Hot.

So, lots of indoor time for us. What will we do. Some schooly stuff, chores, cleaning the learning space (ugh), laundry (ugh ugh).

But I was thinking today about this blog. I wanted it to be a place where I just wrote more. And it really has not been lately. So here are some thoughts and prayers flying around in my heart and mind...

I've been thinking about how my children play. Specifically how that translates into their friendships. Maddy is nearly 13 (yikes) and Lilly is 11 and a half. They are as close as sisters can be and truly each other's very best friend.

They also delight in all their other friendships. This is not to brag. These are honest observations. Other kids like them, seek them out, confide in them. I don't know if it comes naturally to them or something Dave and I managed to cultivate in them. I know a huge portion is God's grace, because at the bottom of it all, I can see that they strive to love their neighbor. Even when the other person may be slightly unlovable.

I know some of it comes from having a large family. When you live with so many people, personalities and needs, you quickly learn what it means to simply love the person no matter what. Even when those little sisters just won't leave you alone or you have to entertain that baby just a little longer so mama can finish dinner.

As the girls have gotten older they have become aware of other's shortcomings. They always accept them, hoping to model virtue. They are honest with themselves, areas where they know they need to grow and change.

But I can see too the bumps in the road already. Lately it is in trying to understand downright meanness. Negative comments and attitudes...worldliness I guess you could call it, confounds them. It is almost as if it is different language. They can't understand it. I struggle lately with trying to find the right words to help them navigate through all this. I think of Our Lord, ever so patient with the Apostles. I think of Our Lady, ever so patient with me. I don't want them to learn the language of this world...hmmm...that is inevitable though. If God could humble himself and become man so he could "speak our language" then I must teach my children. Perhaps then my goal should be that I give them the tools and grammar to teach the world an older language, the deeper magic C.S. Lewis spoke of, of Christ and His love for each us, of His death and resurrection to save us.

May Our Father in Heaven, His beloved Son, the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Mother and all the holy saints be with us all in this endeavor.

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