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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

O Canada

We have returned from our trip to Canada. How did it go, you ask?

Well, we left Wednesday morning last week and got to Halifax on Thursday night. We drove. It was long, but not quite as taxing as I thought it would be. Probably because the two children who traveled with us behaved darn near saintly all those hours in the car.

Halifax is a port city (2nd largest non-freezing port in the world. First? Sydney, Australia). The harbor is beautiful and historic. It is a college town, full of...well, hippies. And I mean full. It is also full of bars and pubs, like one right next to the other down virtually every street. We had a quick tour on Friday morning and I longed to be able to explore a few more places. I love to travel. I love getting lost in unknown cities. I love walking and discovering the charm of the places I visit all on my own. But time was not on my side, as we were there for a wedding and the trip was really centered around all the wedding "stuff". Dave was the best man and Carmen the flower girl. And, alas, Dave does not enjoy exploring a place the way I do. So I only got the smallest taste of Halifax and Nova Scotia. With more time I would have happily driven north in Nova Scotia to visit Cape Breton and the Acadian National Park. And dear friends, you will know my pain and angst at twice having to tearfully drive by the exit that would take us to the bridge to Prince Edward Island. Dearest Anne, I was so close and yet so far away.

And then Sunday morning, we drove home and reached our own wonderful house Monday evening. The rest of the children happily told us of all the fun and adventures with their grandparents, including my oldest falling into a pond. It is Wednesday. The luggage is mocking me in the front room, daring me to put it away. But I won't just yet. Dave is home until tomorrow. So until then we will relax and enjoy a quiet Fourth of July.

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