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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Notes from the road

Of all the things I took for the long drive to Canada, the one that kept (almost) 7 year old Carmen happiest was a plain old lined spiral notebook and a box of crayons. She would draw things we drove by and sing herself little songs as she drew stories. The very last leg of the trip home, I sat in the back with her and she showed me her notebook. Some of her pictures were so funny. She kept hinting to me at some sort of secret page that she probably would not show me. I told her I very much wanted to see her secret page. She though about it, with that little smile of hers that let me know it would be one of her finer funny moments (she has a great sense of humor). And so finally, the moment came and she opened the notebook to the secret page...

I could not stop laughing. I was able to gaspingly ask her why on earth she did it. She replied, "Mama, I was sooooo bored." Mu husband took one look and said, "Well, that's probably how she felt after 10 hours in the car...can you blame her?"

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