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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I'm not sure what to make of this. Went grocery shopping today with 2 of the kids. I left the big girls with some of the little girls. I'm strolling through Target, filling my cart...very quickly (inwardly moaning at what it costs to feed all these people!). I turn into the cereal aisle and 2 employees are stocking cereal when they start chatting in Spanish. They of course do not realize that I am fluent in Spanish.

First woman: See her there, she's got a whole bunch of kids.

Second woman: Who? The one right here with the boy and the baby?

First woman: Yeah, like 7 kids, something like that. She just has 2 with her now but there's a bunch more. (They are both staring(!) at me now.)

Second woman: I don't believe you.

I couldn't catch it all as I had to pretend that I couldn't understand complete strangers were talking about me. But apparently the second lady didn't quite believe that I indeed had many more children. I couldn't quite catch what the first woman said about when I am in with all the kids. I hope it was nice. I do know that the second lady thought I looked too young to have so many kids. Well, I suppose I can forgive them for talking about me. Still, I'm not quite sure what to make about being recognized at Target.

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Anonymous said...

Next time they may even ask for an autograph...