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Monday, June 18, 2007

Book Thoughts

Right before Kay was born I was listening to the radio and heard an interview with Alexander Mcall Smith about his book The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. Actually it is a series of books. He was talking about the latest one The Kalahari Typing School for Men. Set in Botswana, they are about Precious Ramotswe, a ...detective. Since I always like to take a new book with me to the hospital when I'm having a baby, I bought it. I finished it in one day. I loved it. Perhaps because part of my life is tied to visits to Peru, stories that capture the ebb and flow of life in other countries always interest me. It really is another world. Particularly the differences between the U.S.A. and developing countries. I love Peru very much. And Smith, who lived in Africa, loves Africa very much. The book was wonderful. They are categorized as mysteries, but really are so much more. Three years later, I finally get around to reading them again. I checked out Tears of the Giraffe from the library and finished it in two days. Just as rewarding as the first. So tomorrow its back to the library where perhaps I should check out two at a time? And I would add, if you have a teen and you're looking for a good fun read for the summer, these books are perfect.
I think after this little visit to Africa, I might visit Australia in literature. Any suggestions?

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