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Monday, April 02, 2007

Why I Hate HOA's

I'm pretty angry right now, probably not the best time to post this but oh well...

So I get a "Memorandum" from out HOA today reminding us about the parking "policies". Bottom line, it seems our 15 passenger FAMILY car "violates the rules." Concerned that we may find our car towed away (at our expense, of course) I called the management company simply to clarify that this van, though large, fits properly within the space and does not block the sidewalk and in any case is our family car not a commercial vehicle. I was told, per the "rules" that I could not park our car in front of the house. Rather I would have to park a block down on the street or "somewhere" else. I told the woman absolutely not. I told her they were welcome to come see the car fitting nicely in its space IN FRONT OF OUR HOME. I asked if we could please exercise some common sense and courtesy. She said she should could not tell me it was "okay to break the rules"! So now, I have to write a letter to "the Board" and ask them pweettty pweease can we park our own car in our own space in front of our own house and could the please give us an "exception"?

These are the same people that sent me a series of letters last year about "architectural violations". That is, the deck that the previous owner had built way before we even bought the house. Apparently she never got the proper "permission" to do so and God knows "they" couldn't have that. So they harassed me with requests for dimensions and building materials and on and on. I snapped a picture and said, "Here's what it looks like." They stopped bothering me.

1984 where are you?


Benjamin said...

This seems like it would be a great Civics project for Maddy and Lilly!

juli said...

that is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard. what, they expect you to walk all seven kids a couple blocks to get to the car? good luck with the letter.

Ruth said...

Are you kidding???? This is unbelievable!!!!! This makes me so angry. I'm so sorry. I hope this gets resolved soon. I'll be praying.