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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Turn of Events

I have been thinking today of how life takes us on so many unexpected turns. It has been a full week.

It began with a family lunch at my parents. It was one of those comfortable, warm peaceful moments that I especially love to share with my family. No real big event, just a lunch because they were home from their trip to Peru and we missed them. Sooo good. And the Gators won.

Monday morning was a conversation with a dear friend whose mother was dying. I hope I imparted words of comfort. She needed some advice, and with help from my father (a hospice volunteer), I know at least I left her knowing she was making good decisions in these last days of her mother's life. Her mother died late Monday night.

Tuesday we were busy with Andrew and soaking up the beauty of spring. Then a call for help from my friend so she could make arrangements for her mother found us rushing over to play and care for her children. I was surrounded by 14 children! Including the cutest 1 year old twins. It was spur of the moment. But I was so grateful that my friend asked for help. And so very grateful for our home schooling life that left us without worrying about who wasn't home from school, activities to rush to or uncompleted homework. Helping our dear friends was our home's work that day.

Tuesday night the baby had a fever. Just like that, life to a turn. It was a long night of comforting, nursing and tylenol. Somewhere in there, Sam threw up. Another turn.

And so Wednesday found me concerned about a still unhappy baby, a son with an upset stomach (please God, don't be contagious!), getting ready for company on Saturday and looking at the not having a car at all come Friday (something is leaking). These turns brought me to the point of not being able to offer a meal for my friend. It was so hard to have to admit I couldn't do it all. So humiliating. What a lesson the Lord taught me in just 2 days!
The baby got better and so did Sam.

Thursday was all about fun!

Friday brought Dave home and the car NOT getting fixed yet. It brought sweet Ryan to come play. I have 7 children. They are together all the time. They play together all the time. But throw in a six year old boy and apparently it is party time! Even Maddy and Lilly had to get in on Ryan-time.
I was feeling we had turned again and things were good. Then Carmen threw up in the car on the way home from Costco.

Saturday finds a recovered Carmen. Our dear friends? They had some turns of their own and we have to reschedule or family dinner.

Where will God takes us next? Who knows. But I know that He is with me at every turn.

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Alice said...

It is always so unpredictable, isn't it?!

Thank goodness He is always carrying us!