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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Basketball Diaries: Final Games

I neglected to post about games last weekend. The girls won again and Sam lost.

Yesterday were the last games. The girls went up against the one team they have not beat, Coach Payne's team. Let me state up front, once again, I don't like this coach. She takes this all a little too seriously. Her team is big and rough on the court. The girls really wanted to win. They did not, but lost by only 8 points. They played hard, and had the game been ref'ed a little better, they probably would have won. I'm not being an nasty parent about it. It really was not called fairly by one of the refs, parent of a girl on the other team. Let's just say they went to the foul line way more than we did and this is where 5-6 of their points came from. Given the sheer size advantage they had on us, many of his fouls were questionable. The other ref was an elderly gentleman. He was great. Ah well, still a great season for them. They had a great time with their dad as an assistant coach and playing on the same team. Dave loved every minute of it too.

Sam's team...won! Sam scored. Given how his season has been, we all felt great.

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juli said...

hooray Sam!! i'm so happy for him that they won!