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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tuesdays with Andrew: Bee Good

That is a cheesy title for the post. We studied the Beatitudes, as the Sermon on the Plain from Luke is the gospel reading for Sunday. We also focused on the Holy Family (as February is traditionally dedicated to them) and the hidden life of Christ is Nazareth. The children wrote some excellent narrations and essays after we read from various sources about this. We also drew a connection between acting in the spirit of the Beatitudes and a peaceful and harmonious family life. My favorite thing was the Holy Family grottoes. I designed this on the fly as I stood in the craft store. Basically, they are little wooden plaques (only 59 cents!) with a decoupaged picture of the Holy Family and small stones glued on around it mosaic style. They are really lovely. Of course our dilemma is now having six of them to display. But I think they will be out for the month of February and then will be put away and brought out again next year.

For myself, I always find it fascinating, the thirty years Our Lord simply lived as man, running a business, caring for his mother, spending time with friends and family. It always teaches me that their is nothing mundane or wasted in living a life of faith in our domestic church.

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