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Friday, February 23, 2007

Picture This

We have a smoke detector that senses the tiniest amount of smoke. I mean the very tiniest. And for some reason, anytime the oven goes above 400 degrees, the smoke detector thinks the house is on fire.
So last night I am making some frozen french fries in the oven, which is at 450 degrees. They need to be turned rather frequently. Smoke detector doesn't like that. So imagine every time I opened the oven to check on them, my frantic call for "flapping". Flapping consists of frantically waving a book towards said smoke detector from the stairs leading up. Imagine the call being answered by an excited 8 year old boy, a six year old with a head cold and a three year old in her underwear.

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Anne McD said...

If its any consolation, our smoke detector is hooked up to our house alarm. Twice now, had a concerned voice appear over our alarm system's loudspeaker and ask if everything is okay, and I sheepishly had to explain that it was just me, burning dinner . . .