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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Falling Behind

Ack! I'm having trouble keeping up with the week. And there really is so much I wanted to post.

Sunday: St. Agnes' Feast Day. We celebrated our Aggie by making snowflakes. And of course, God was good and provided the first snow fall. I adapted the idea from Dawn. They came out lovely. Even my son carefully decorated his snowflake.

Tuesday: Gift of Gracias with Andrew. We have invited our friend Andrew over once a week for "family learning" and this was our first meeting. It was so much fun. The children all did lovely narrations and paintings. I want to post them, but we'll see if it get to it. We even made orange snowball cookies (again, from Dawn-really, thank goodness I have so many wonderful ideas to draw from).
Then in the afternoon/evening I felt a migraine coming on so I lay absolutely still for an hour, drank a cup of coffee and I seemed to be okay. Of course that meant dinner was rather odd...frozen spinach and cheese ravioli, scrambled eggs (my eggs were fried with leftover rice) and peach blackberry cobbler. Don't ask. They all loved it and ate it all.

I am attempting a Rosary novena with a whole bunch of online friends. This will be tough. I am not a rosary prayer, but I really feel called to participate in this.

And my Peruvian family and readers will appreciate this one from Anna:

We're having salchi-baba for dinner!

And there's a bunch of cool political stuff I wanted to post about...oh well.

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Dawn said...

Marisa, it sounds like a wonderful week! I'm so glad you enjoyed the cookies. :)