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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Curious Kay

Thank God for the "dollar section" (as the kids affectionately refer to it) at Target. They had these cute Curious George coloring books for...$1! So I bought two. One of them is to keep for copying. The other one is to use up to keep little girls happy in a pinch.

This evening was the pinch. My three oldest went to their cousin's basketball game leaving me in the cranky hours with four little girls ages six and under. Anna asks if she can color a Curious George picture. Yes! Let's all quietly sit and color. Seizing the opportunity I find the book on the shelf in the basement and voila! Fifteen minutes of happy little girls.

During the story there was a small discussion about what curious means. Anna says that it means you don't know about things and you do want to know about things. Also it means, "Like when Kay gets out of bed at bedtime, its 'cause she's curious."


juli said...

you realize that there was a time you had 4 little ones under the age of 6, but no "big kids".

andres and i actually bought a curious george book for the baby the other day, curious george goes camping. i couldn't resist.

Marisa said...

I know, but that seems so long ago.

By the way, my Curious George book, being an older edition actually shows him smoking a pipe. I wonder of recent editions still do?