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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hope we made it!

Today we went to our local Barnes & Noble to meet with other homeschoolers. At exactly 12 nooon we all read simultaneously, out loud, the same passage from Charlotte's Web. It is an event promoted by Waldenmedia (to help promote the movie of course). The hope is that enough people around the country all gathered to do this at the same time to break the current Guiness world record for the most people reading from the same book at the same time. We won't know for a while whether we succeeded or not. A local paper was there and interviewed Lilly and her friend Taylor. The reporter also served as an official witness, as did the store manager. Afterwards we had lunch at the cafe.
It was very exciting and fun. I plan to return to that store and purchase a few books for Christmas (rather than Amazon) as a thank you for hosting us.

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