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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Moral Dilemna

My husband ran out and purchased Superman Returns yesterday. He didn't see it in the theaters, so he bought purely on the word of reviewers and some of his friends. We all watched. Well, most of us watched it. Kay ran around playing, singing, dancing, throwing pretend food at us, was threateaned with her bed several times...she finally fell asleep on the floor. Anna watched most of it, though took a break to practice jumping over her siblings as they lay on the floor. Several threats of bed were used in her case.
The movie is great. It has all the charm of the first Superman and pays proper homage to both the movie and Christopher Reeeve. It was appropriate for the kids except for one thing...
At the end, when the kids figure out that Lois' son is indeed Superman's son as well it caused utter confusion because as my son commented, "So Lois is married to Superman? What about that other guy (the man Lois lives with)? How can Lois be married to Superman?" Well no son, we said, they're not married. "But you said that the little boy is their son, so they're married." I looked at Dave who remarked, "I know, I want to kiss him too." Carmen offered that perhaps Lois adopted the little boy, since she's not married. Even Maddy was perplexed by this dilemna.

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juli and andres said...

thanks for the spoiler.