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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Carmen had her first fall season soccer practice today. In the rain. It wasn't too bad. It wasn't pouring and she has a great jacket that kept her almost completely dry. It did mean the rest of the kids pretty much sat in the car for an hour. Bless them for their patience.

As I was watching her, I was standing under a slide on the playground to keep dry. Their were four very energetic boys having the time of their lives sliding down the very wet slide. Probably because they went so fast. One boy, in his baseball uniform (it seems his practice was cancelled) went down the slide particularly fast and hit the ground hard. This caused him to remark, loudly, "Good thing I'm wearing a cup."

Meanwhile in the car, it seems my son had to pee VERY badly and took it upon himself to pee into an empty plastic cup he found in the car (he tells me nobody looked) and pour it out onto the street. Just when I worry he loses his boyness amongst all these sisters, he assures me there is no cause for alarm. I returned to the car amidst my daughters' disgusted cries of protest.

Update: Dave's reaction when hearing of his boy's problem solving..."Yeah! I'm so proud."

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