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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Flying Care Bears

Says I, to four year old Anna, "Got get your sisters, they need to have breakfast."
So she goes and a few minutes later comes up crying, "Lilly threw my care bear at me and it hit my head with its nose!"
She is followed by Lilly.
"Lilly, why did you throw the bear at her?"
Lilly denies throwing the bear. She is ten. I believe her.
Anna looks up at me very sweetly, with a hint of a smile, "Yes she did, she threw the bear at me." Lilly denies again.
Anna says, "Well, she yelled at me."
"Anna, dont make up stories to get people in trouble (you know, the usual you shouldn't lie stuff...)"
Up comes the eleven year old.
"Did you throw the care bear?" No.
Lilly remembers that her brother threw the bear when Anna turned the T.V. off.
He runs up and denies throwing the bear.
So this morning at 8:45 a.m. we concluded that Anna's care bear can fly.

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StellDesign said...

That is laugh out loud funny!!!!