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Monday, August 14, 2006

County Fair

Yesterday we went to the Prince William County Fair with my parents. I will try to get some pictures my daughter took up later today. It was great. Of course everything on the Midway is terribly overpriced and they were very strict on letting my little girls on some rides (many tearful scenes) but it was so much fun. It was neat to see all the livestock on display, many of them already judged in competitions, showing off their ribbons. As we walked by one group of cows, a dad was telling his girls to get to work. So they dutifully began leading each cow out, to clean out their spots with a big shovel. Yeah, shoveling big loads of cow poop...told my daughter never to complain about dishes again. Of course my almost three year old's comment on seeing the cow, "Get the milk!" There was a pen where they let children pet a variety of farm animals, including cows and chickens (Never thought you could pet a chicken, but these certainly let themselves be handled.). My four year old, animal lover that she is, was in heaven. The children tried hard to get me to buy them an egg laying hen, for the bargain price of $10. I wondered how hard it is to kill a chicken and pluck the feathers. Pound for pound that's pretty cheap for chicken. We saw a chick hatch. They were on sale too, $3.75 each. Saw a 500 pound pig. Father's comment, "That's a lot of bacon." And a live fire demonstration of a civil war replica of a ten pound cannnon. LOUD! Corn dogs and candy apples were enjoyed.
And of course, after walking through all the other competitions one can enter, baking, art, gardening, they are now all eager to enter next year. So we have a summer project next year. By the way, that includes entering the new baby in the Baby Contest...should be loads of fun next summer. Wait until their dad hears.

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