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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

6 of 7

I've been thinking lately about my sixth child, Kay (almost 3). I can't remember a moment since she was born that Kay was not Kay. She's so remarkable and distinct from her siblings and always has been. Maybe it's her crazy curly hair. Or maybe that she taught herself how to swim a few weeks into the summer. (This would often alarm the other moms around the baby pool, when they caught sight of a toddler face down in the water. I had to fend off many a rescue attempt. Doesn't help that she can hold her breath for an astonishing amount of time.) Or maybe it's because she occasionally runs around the house in nothing but her underwear crying, "Super Kay!" Or the the million other little things that make her who she is. She is certainly not lost on the crowd. And thinking about all this makes me all the more eager to get to know 7 of 7 (no Seinfeld jokes please).

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