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Monday, July 17, 2006

Culture of Life

C-Spam junkie that I am, I am listening to the debate on the three stem cell research bills before the Senate today and tomorrow.
Sen. Kennedy is speaking right now, and I think my head will explode if I don't vent some steam about the stupidity of his whole premise. According to him, and whatever stupid scientist explained it to him, the human embryos (which are undeniably, scientifically considered "alive" or they wouldn't want to use them) are not really able "to produce life" unless they are going to be impanted in a woman. They're just going to be trash, he says. More infuriating is his use of the phrase "culture of life" to defend what will amount to the wholesale slaughter of human beings. Of course to close his bloviating, he appeals to sheer emotionalism by reading a poignant letter from a girl with diabetes.
Really, I am disgusted. How can a man who call himself Catholic be so ignorant?!
And of course, deep at the heart of the matter of all those "extra" embryos is the whole fertility industry and well, I'm too tired to get into that right now.

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