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Monday, April 03, 2006

The Lord is My Shepherd

My five year old daughter had her first ever soccer practice today. Of course it was rudely interrupted by one heck of a storm. You must realize that my ten year old is terrified of big storms. About a year and a half ago we were nearly caught in the open as tornados ripped through our area. Though we were in the car, it was very scary. That same afternoon, while my husband was home a tornado skipped over our roof and completely destroyed out back fence. I mean it ended up on the other side of the yard. Since then the ten year old cannot stand to be in the car if the weather is very bad. So, she's got her coat over her head, sitting nervously in the bench seat behind me. I flip on Christian radio and don't you know, first song we hear is a version of the twenty-third Psalm. God is good. But He didn't stop there.
As we drove home we were treated to the most incredible double rainbow, arcing right over our house. It was spectacular. And my daughter felt such peace with God, Who although He didn't make the storm stop when she wantd it to, in the end reassured her of His power, and love for her even if the middle of scary things.


StellDesign said...

Did Maddy take the picture of the rainbow? Gorgeous picture.

Marisa said...

I took some and she took some, I don't know who took this one. They all came out really great.