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Monday, April 03, 2006

Good Morning

So today the day begins by discovering that some time last night, someone plugged up the toilet on the main floor, which of course overflowed and looks like it dripped over the bowl all night, leaking clear through the floor into the storage area in the basement. Sigh. At least the celing down there is a drop ceiling, so if needed we can replace those easily. However, not sure how the subfloor has faired in all this and I don't know that the wood floor in the bathroom is going to look very nice. And nothing really damaged in the basement. Sigh.
I was so anrgy about it all I think I actually blurted out to the children that if they kept plugging up the toilets I wasn't going to let them use toilet paper anymore, or the bathrooms for that matter. Yeah...that's my solution...sigh.

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