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Sunday, March 26, 2006


Well, its been several days. We suddenly got busy, in good ways and bad.

First on Friday we went to a state park for a birdwatching walk. A little cold, but still nice. The big treat, we saw a bald eagle. Of course, we forgot the camera. There was some drama as we tried to leave on time in the morning over finding the baby's other sneaker, and so the camera was forgotten. Still haven't found the baby's other sneaker.

Then Saturday it was me versus asthma attack. Asthma attack won, off to urgent care for nebulizer treatement and there goes most of the day.

Many, many intersting things I could have posted about...I'll try to catch up with some highlights.

One of the things still on my mind is the altar boy/girl situation in my diocese. Come other blogs have noted with concern on the huge negative reaction, especially since along with this announcement came news of an Indult Mass. Yes, the Indult Mass is a very positive thing. But somehow it feels like we're being bought off. Perhaps the feeling is that what is at stake is too high. I know I feel that way. My biggest concern is given the state of catechesis, even in my overall conservative diocese, the problem this presents is huge. On Amy's blog I was stunned to read one woman's comment to the effect that we're "pandering to the sexsim of little boys" by not allowing altar girls. On woman told me Friday that she thought it was great becuase we have to do more to involve all young people, just look at all the "stuff" the protestant churches involve them in. But that is precisely my point. We are not the protestant churches. We are THE Catholic Church. The Mystery of Faith that is the Sacrifice of the Mass, when properly taught and lived by Catholic families wipes away concerns that if the kids/teens just got to do more on the altar they would want to come to church. The miracle of the Eucharist is at its heart a most humble and silent one, Christ Himself humble enough to appear as bread!

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